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Minding Your Faith is the first of four books in a series designed to inspire and equip men to experience grace empowered lives to the glory of God — starting with the first page of this book that will help them have devotional lives that will actually affect their real lives.

Table Of Contents & Introduction
Chapter One
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“As one who regularly reads and teaches books related to the history of biblical spirituality, I believe that I have some idea of wheat and chaff in this ever-growing field of thought and reflection. This new book by Gregg Hodge is definitely in the category of wheat, for here is solid, practical wisdom on how best to nourish the soul. So buy this book—ponder it—and don’t be afraid to do what it says!”


–Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin
Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality and Director of The Andrew.  Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.



“In his book, Minding Your Faith, Gregg Hodge utilizes a wide array of proven theological approaches to scripture to simply and practically unlock the applicability of scripture to our daily lives.  Hodge’s approach is so logical and useful it’ll make you wonder why you haven’t been examining scripture through these lenses before!”


—Dr. Claude Pressnell
President of Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association



“God has gone to extraordinary lengths to communicate His love for ordinary men like me. In Minding Your Faith, Gregg Hodge has captured the strategies necessary to pursue that love through the Scriptures. I  highly recommend!”


—Dr. Craig Fry
President, Christian Leadership Concepts